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  • How do I place an order?
    Just select the product you want and click “Buy”. You will be automatically redirected to the payment page. You can also contact us by WhatsApp number, where we will provide a safe, fast and personalized service, directing you to the final purchase process.
  • I have a question that is not here?
    Get in touch and choose the way you prefer to talk to us by WhatsApp or by email. We will provide you with a secure service to answer all your questions.
  • Can I make exchanges? What if I don't like the product?
    Yes. Goods can be exchanged or returned up to 7 days after receipt, due to withdrawal, regret, malfunction or delivery of the product in disagreement with the order placed. To do this, contact us through one of our service channels and inform the order number and the product code to be exchanged, both described in the invoice, next to the name of the merchandise and the reason for the request. The exchange will only be carried out if the product is in perfect condition, without a broken label or seal. If the Courier or carrier delivers the product with a tamper-evident seal or label, refuse receipt and we will send you a new product according to the purchase.
  • What is the deadline for completing the return or exchange of my order?
    We have up to 30 (thirty) days, counting from the withdrawal of the product at the address where the order was delivered.
  • How is the refund done?
    Exchange for products, if you request the exchange of some merchandise for another, the following procedure will be carried out: The customer has up to 7 calendar days to request the exchange of the product from our Customer Service; If the value of the new merchandise is greater than the previous one, we will charge the difference in the same way as the first purchase was charged; If the customer chooses another payment method, inform when requesting the exchange; If the value of the new product is lower than the previous one, you can opt for: reversal of the difference amount on your credit card or deposit the difference in your checking account. Return of amounts paid: If you no longer want any of the products, we will refund the amounts paid, however, the customer has up to 7 calendar days to request the exchange/return of the product to our Customer Service; If payment has been made via bank slip, the refund will be made through a deposit into the current account of the registration holder on our website. For this, we will need you to inform us of your CPF, bank name, agency number and current account number; If the payment was made by credit card, we will request the reversal to your card company within 2 (two) business days. This reversal may occur on up to two subsequent invoices, due to the closing date of your credit card statement. We remind you that this is a financial administrator procedure.
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